Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Living in Tarragona

Finding suitable accommodation is far from an easy task. So the URV tries to help you make the search as easy as possible.           

Contact details:

Centre d'Atenció als Estudiants (CAE) - Borsa d'Habitatge

Av. Catalunya, 35   43002 Tarragona

977 558 836 / 977 558 029


Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays, 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Exchange and mobility students

Students and teachers can find information about how to find accommodation for their stay at the URV from the Accommodation Office, the aim of which is to help them to find a place to live in the towns where the University is located.

Student residences

Sant Jordi University Hall of Residence

The Sant Jordi is the only hall of residence that belongs directly to the Rovira i Virgili University. Should you require further information about prices or any other aspect, or should you wish to make a reservation, please get in touch directly with the hall of residence.

 Other student residences - TARRAGONA
Casa Nostra Hall of Residence
Soler Hall of Residence
Lestonnac hall of Residence
The Tarragona Complex Educatiu Hall of Residence (from Monday to Sunday).

This hall of residence is outside the city. Buses leave regularly from the city centre.

La Salle Hall of Residence

This hall of residence is outside the city, next to the Sescelades Campus. Buses leave regularly from the city centre.

Other student residences - REUS
Ulloa Hall of Residence
Sant Joan Foundation
J. Ollé Residence
Reus Hall of Residence
Pare Manyanet Hall of Residence
Mon-per Hall of Residence
Santa Teresa Hostal
Galió Hall of Residence

The Viure i Conviure Programme (The House Sharing Programme)

Two generations and a house to share

The Obra Social de Caixa catalunya encourages intergenerational exchange and relations. The Viure i Conviure Programme is designed to encourage different generations to live together, thus responding to the need elderly people have for company and the lack of accommodation of young students.

If you are an elderly person and live on your own, you can now share your home with a young student who can give you company while you provide him or her with the benefit of your experience. The Viure i Conviure Programme of the Obra Social de la Caixa Catalunya will help you with everything you need and make your experience a pleasant one.

If you are a young student looking for somewhere to live near your university, why not stay in an elderly person's house. It's a solution to your accommodation problems and you can enjoy the benefits of an elderly person's experience.

The programme is organised by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili jointly with the town councils of Tarragona and Reus.

For further information and/or to make your application, get in touch with:


Phone number for general information: 902 400 973