Universitat Rovira i Virgili


Tuition fees

Doctoral students must register for each academic year. The registration period begins in October and finishes in September of the following year.

The structure of the doctoral programmes is not based on ECTS credits. This means that students register instead for thesis tuition, which forms the foundation of doctoral study.

In additions to thesis tuition, doctoral registration includes administrative fees and compulsory insurance.

  Access degree

Approximate cost

First academic year Spanish master's degree 548€
Foreign master's degree  766€*
Second and successive academic year All qualifications 548€

*Students with foreign qualifications must bear in mind that when they first register they will have to pay theAcademic fee for university graduates from foreign educational systems. This fee is €218.15 for the academic year 2016-2017.

For further information on exemptions from registration fees for details of the items included in the registration fees, click on the following link.

If the Academic Committee requires the students to take a bridging course, it will be counted in ECTS credits because the subjects tend to belong to master's degrees. The enrolment fee will be calculated according to the master's degree credit fee.