Universitat Rovira i Virgili


All students on the Doctoral Programme in Humanistic Studies are advised to go on a mobility visit to do part of the programme at another university.

Mobility involves spending time outside the institutional constraints of the URV, preferably outside Spain at higher education institutions or leading research centres in the discipline with which there are well-established Exchange agreements and where you will do courses or carry out research. If the visit lasts for 3 months and the institution or institutions are based in another country, you will be able to opt for the International Doctoral Distinction.

Mobility involves at least attending national or international congresses, seminars, workshops or other activities that require you to travel and work with other researchers in the same or related academic area.

You can go abroad at any point during the doctoral programme although it is preferable to do so during the last year (that is to say, during the third year for full-time students or during the fifth year for part-time students).

The visit and/or activities must be approved of by your supervisor and authorised by the Academic Committee, and they will be included in the doctoral activities document, in accordance with established monitoring procedures.

To find out more about mobility procedures, get in touch with the URV's International Center.