Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Career opportunities

The careers open to degree holders will depend on the research area in which they have been trained and prepared:

1. History

a. Professionals in history, sociology, political and legal sciences, humanities, and the history of art; teaching; cultural management; archives and heritage.

b. Professionals and researchers trained to detect, analyse and promote the sociocultural, political, economic and historical factors (both internal and external) that intervene in the development of African societies in Africa and Europe.

c. Conservators and restorers in public and private institutions who are responsible for safeguarding the cultural heritage.

d. Specialists in, and managers of, the information and documentation generated by companies and institutions working in the conservation and restoration of the heritage.

e. Experts in musical culture, management in the discographic industry, concert halls, theatres and other cultural spaces; musical criticism and dissemination in the media, and study and recovery of musical heritage; coordination of music publications; musical museography, and organisation of multidisciplinary artistic events.

f. University researchers.

2. Linguistics and language

a. Heads of language reception (Spanish) in primary and secondary schools

b. Cultural mediators

c. Professionals in the world of tourism

d. Language editors and consultants

i. Language planners and managers

f. Managers of texts in publishing processes

g. English/Spanish/English translators

h. Teachers of Spanish or English in language schools in Spain or abroad

i. Spanish or English assistantships in foreign universities

j. Language managers in the field of traditional written, oral and audiovisual communication, and the information and communication technologies (ICT)

k. Administrative workers in multinational companies

l. Managers of multilingualism

m. University researchers

3. Literature

a. Literary critics

b. Cultural managers of literary, written and oral heritage

c. University lecturers in Catalan, Spanish or English Language or literature

d. Artistic creators: poetry, narrative, theatre, essay, scripts, journalistic prose, etc.

e. University researchers