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URV doctoral agreements

The mission of the Postgraduate and Doctoral School is to ensure and safeguard the quality of its doctoral programmes. Vital to the success of this mission are inter-institutional alliances and cooperation with universities and other key players both within the region and around the world. The type of doctoral studies agreement that is entered into depends on the aim of the course and the nature of the collaborating institution.

Latest agreement: Ministry of Education of Peru

The government of Peru has included the URV in its Presidential programme of grants of the Republic of Peru for master's and doctoral degrees. This source of funding will allow young Peruvians with good curriculums but limited economic resources to come here to study.

You can find all the agreements signed by the URV at the following link.

Types of agreement

An agreement between two universities that enables the student to obtain a double doctoral degree. The doctoral students have a thesis supervisor at each university and must spend time studying at the host university.

An agreement between two universities that enables students to obtain a double master's degree qualification from the URV and another collaborating university. This is possible due to the high degree of affinity between the master's degree courses at both universities. Students who wish to study for a double master's degree must do some of their credits at the URV and the remainder at the other university.

An agreement between two doctoral schools that formally sets out the schools' desire to promote activities in any of the ambits relating to doctoral training where mutual cooperation is possible.

An agreement between two universities that formally sets out both institutions' desire to cooperate in the ambit of doctoral studies.

An agreement between the URV and a company whereby doctoral students base their doctoral theses on a strategic project at the company.

Agreement between the URV and a foreign institution that determines some sort of collaboration in the ambit of the doctoral programme (museums, research centres, etc.).

How can I enter into an agreement?
  1. You must contact the collaborating institutions to initiate negotiations regarding the type of collaboration that you wish to establish.
  2. Once the type and principal features of the collaboration have been established, they must be formally set out in an agreement. You can find standardized templates of different agreements on the intranet of the URV.
  3. You must contact the Postgraduate and Doctoral School so that it can initiate the process of reviewing and signing the agreement.

Please contact convenisepd(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat or call 977 25 78 93 for further information on how to establish collaboration agreements, which agreement template is most appropriate for the form of collaboration that you have established, or for any other query that you may have regarding agreements in the ambit of doctoral studies.