Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Supervision of the thesis

The URV has a Code of good practice in research, training for research, development and innovation which safeguards the quality, rigour and efficiency of its research.

The thesis supervisor is responsible for guiding all the research tasks of the doctoral students. If the Academic Committee provides the corresponding authorisation, theses can be jointly supervised by other doctors if there are academic reasons for doing so.

Generally, the tutor and the supervisor will be the same person. If this is not the case, their functions will be:

- Tutor: is responsible for monitoring the training of doctoral students and their orientation in relation to the doctoral programme. It is also responsible for validating the
personalised doctoral activities document.

- Director: is responsible for the design and monitoring of research activities during the course of the doctoral thesis.

The tutor and supervisor will not be the same person when there is more than one director. The tutor is unique and can not be more than one. Instead, there may be two, or exceptionally three co-directors, depending on the doctoral programme. In this case, one of the co-directors can also be the tutor of the thesis.