Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Basic competencies

Doctoral courses guarantee that students will acquire the following basic competencies:

CB11) Systematic understanding of an area of study and command of the related research skills and methods.
CB12) Capacity to conceive, design, create, put into practice and undertake a wide-ranging research or creative project.
CB13) Capacity to drive forward the boundaries of knowledge through original research.
CB14) Capacity to critically analyse and synthesize new and complex ideas.
CB15) Capacity to inform the academic and scientific community and the general public about their knowledge area using the languages and systems of communication commonly employed by the international scientific community.
CB16) Capacity to promote scientific, technological, social, artistic and cultural advances in academic and professional contexts and in a knowledge-based society.

Likewise, the award of a doctoral degree must provide students with advanced professional skills in a wide variety of areas, but particularly in those that require creativity and innovation. Doctors will be able to:

CE07) To make progress in cultural, social and technical issues and promote innovation in all areas of a knowledge-based society.