Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Educational objectives

The aim of the Doctorate in Humanistic Studies is to train leading researchers in the field of the Human Sciences as well as in basic and applied research. The aim of the programme is for doctoral students to acquire and develop in-depth and wide-ranging competencies in a variety of analytical abilities and methodologies which will enable them to carry out quality research. The programme also aims to provide doctoral students with the skills they need to take part in the various forums in which they can disclose the results of their research activity. The training provided is adapted to the existing lines of research largely being carried out at the Faculty of Arts in cooperation with groups and departments from other national and international universities. The Doctorate in Humanistic Studies requires students to write and defend a doctoral thesis, which is a piece of original research in the field of the human sciences.

A further aim is to select the best scientific, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial talent to respond to the needs of the research and innovation system in the long term: that is to say, students with the necessary talent and competencies will be trained to work in the future system of research and innovation.