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IX Symposium for Doctoral Students of the URV’s Doctoral Programme in Humanistic Studies, 11 and 12 May 2023


The URV's Doctoral Programme in Humanistic Studies is organising the IX Symposium for Doctoral Students, which will take place at the URV's Catalunya Campus on 11-12 May 2023.
This symposium is open to doctoral students of other Spanish universities so as to create synergies between the different doctoral programmes and research lines in Humanities.
The symposium aims to provide doctoral students an opportunity to briefly present the process and the partial results of their research in the area of Humanities to the other participants. Thus, they learn about other students' research and, in this framework, they can share doubts and concerns of all kinds in relation to the writing of their doctoral theses.
The symposium is open to the general public, but it is of special interest for master's students as well as for undergraduate students in their final year.
People who wish to attend but who are not doctoral students must send an email message to phd.eh@urv.cat in order to be able to register. All attendants will receive a certificate.
You can check the programme of the IX Symposium for Doctoral Students here.
The academic committee of the URV's Doctoral Programme in Humanistic Studies encourages all its doctoral students to present their research. Moreover, participants will be issued a certificate which can be included as an activity for the Document of Doctoral Student Activities.


People can participate in the Symposium for Doctoral Students in two different ways:
A)    Participation without assessment
B)    Participation with assessment

Mode A, which is optional, allows students to take part in the Conference in the same conditions as previous editions:
·    Any doctoral student from our programme or from other universities can present part of their thesis. The presentation will last up to fifteen minutes, followed by a five-minute discussion.
·    It is highly recommended that:
o    This activity is carried out while writing the thesis.
o    The thesis supervisor attends the session.

Mode B is for doctoral students of the Programme in Humanistic Studies,  enrolled from the 2021-22 academic year, in their second or third year (full time), or in their third, fourth or fifth year (part time). Students must specifically request to be assessed for this compulsory training activity.
·    The presentation will last up to 20 minutes, followed by a 10-minute discussion.
·    The thesis supervisor must fill in the specific report form on the doctoral student's presentation.
·    The doctoral student must attend at least 80% of the sessions of the Doctoral Student Conference for which they are being assessed.

·    All doctoral students who wish to present their research at this symposium must register via the web application form, with approval from their thesis supervisor, before 31 March 2023.
·    Accepted applications will be communicated before 15 April 2023 per email.

Publication of scientific papers

Papers will be published in digital format. They must be original, unpublished and not considered for publication in any other medium devoted to the dissemination of knowledge.
Authors must send the papers on 31 July 2023 at the latest. The style guide will be made available to the interested participants during the symposium.
For more information on the registration and the content of the symposium, please contact us at phd.eh@urv.cat.
We look forward to your participation!


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